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You may have heard that the RSA is planning and building a new coffeehouse. https://www.thersa.org/fellowship/fellowship-news/fellowship-news/a-21st-century-enlightenment-coffeehouse

An ideas site also has been opened up to the floor at https://rsa.wazoku.com/#/home-page

Here is the video of the meeting we had with Oliver Reichardt the Director of Fellowship.

@rodhyde hosting

19:33:54 From elean : HI
19:34:19 From r baker : Hi, I’m Rita joining in from Shropshire
19:37:13 From suehowes : Is there a floor plan?
19:38:02 From Rod : Yes there is a floor plan. It is on the microsite. I will try to get the url.
19:39:17 From Sally Sheinman : I have a question
19:39:52 From elean : You can find before and after floor plans via the url h – https://www.thersa.org/coffeehouse/plans2
19:39:57 From Rod to Philip Finlay Bryan(Privately) : Could you post the microsite url
19:40:53 From Ian Blackburn : I’m able to type here.
19:42:50 From Rod : Any more questions?
19:43:00 From Ian Blackburn : I have a question
19:43:19 From Roslyn Scott : Can we please have a direct vote by fellows on whether or not to keep the desktop computers and printer? Or can we just agree to keep the desktop computers and printer?
19:46:49 From John Oakley : I agree totally John Mitchell
19:47:52 From Roslyn Scott : I am in reception and the House WiFi keeps going out. Perhaps we could improve the connectivity?
19:48:39 From Rod : The Improvements include “industrial strength” wi-fi
19:48:43 From John Oakley : The model is based on broadcast. The world is now 1:1
19:50:08 From Philip Finlay Bryan to Rod(Privately) : zoom is great
19:50:16 From John Oakley : I was managing a remote group 25 years ago with video conferencing!
19:50:21 From Philip Finlay Bryan : zoom is great
19:51:33 From Roslyn Scott : I plan to move overseas just before Brexit and I would like to be able to access the computer when I visit London and the RSA House
19:52:47 From Rod to Philip Finlay Bryan(Privately) : Can you find the micro site? i can’t currently.
19:53:14 From Roslyn Scott : Many fellows who bring their laptops want a reserved quiet space. Will the Hellerup stairs make quiet areas impossible
19:54:11 From Rod : Any more questions?
19:56:12 From Roslyn Scott : if you are from overseas you can not work in the public libraries
19:57:21 From Roslyn Scott : you have to be a member and resident to use public libraries with a laptop
19:57:33 From elean : If you were visitng from overseas surely you’d be travelling with a laptop?
19:57:51 From Roslyn Scott : you will need to access wifi
19:57:52 From Philip Finlay Bryan to Rod(Privately) : The ideas page is here https://rsa.wazoku.com/#/home-page
19:58:00 From Rod to Philip Finlay Bryan(Privately) : https://www.thersa.org/fellowship/fellowship-news/fellowship-news/a-21st-century-enlightenment-coffeehouse
19:58:08 From Rod : https://www.thersa.org/fellowship/fellowship-news/fellowship-news/a-21st-century-enlightenment-coffeehouse
19:58:09 From Philip Finlay Bryan : The ideas site is here https://rsa.wazoku.com/#/home-page
19:58:32 From John Oakley : So we meet in Starbucks when we are traveling?
19:58:44 From Adrian O : I know it’s difficult, but can you sum up and express a feeling of what the atmosphere that you’re aiming for at the end – vibrant and buzy or quiet, studious and contemplative – or something else entirely?
19:59:16 From suehowes : Are we looking for ideas about hoe to make the space work?
20:00:49 From suehowes : could we have topic corners?
20:00:51 From Roslyn Scott : many current fellows are self employed and use the space to work and chat
20:01:16 From Roslyn Scott : can we address my question on computer s please
20:01:37 From Sally Sheinman : I have another question.
20:02:22 From Ian Blackburn : I thought the concept of paying to leave a C18th coffee house was interesting.
20:02:37 From John Oakley : Sally – Starbucks!
20:03:14 From Roslyn Scott : I feel like my computer question is being ignored
20:03:14 From Philip Finlay Bryan : All ideas submitted will be reviewed by the House Redevelopment Project Team before being put forward to the wider Fellowship for voting on 13 October. Once voting closes the House Redevelopment Project Team will conduct a final review before announcing which ideas will be taken forward.
20:04:56 From John Oakley : Because they use social media – not broadcast.
20:06:05 From Philip Finlay Bryan : We set up a virtual coffeehouse with a blog with a strong opinion http://virtualcoffeehouse.org/blog/
20:09:04 From Roslyn Scott : Today 2 fellows gave tours to prospective fellows. They advertised the computers. The plans show the computers going away. Is it right to advertise computers when you plan to get rid of them?
20:10:45 From John Mitchell – Victoria, BC, Canada : Some tremendous ideas and people 🙂
20:10:47 From Philip Finlay Bryan : Online is all I have
20:12:06 From Roslyn Scott : 6
20:12:22 From Philip Finlay Bryan : It would take me longer than a day to visit the house and I would have to stay overnight
20:12:32 From Roslyn Scott : laptops are very different to desktops
20:12:39 From John Mitchell – Victoria, BC, Canada : my experience working with Millennials is that they work automatically virtually online but really want the group experience and want to share that in person
20:13:27 From Roslyn Scott : can we have a discussion rather than a closed discussion
20:13:38 From Roslyn Scott : an open discussion
20:14:14 From Roslyn Scott : it seems extreme to cancel computers over a left coat during lunch
20:15:08 From Roslyn Scott : Oli is not being transparent on this issue
20:16:23 From elean : Some lovely comments John (from the millenial in the group)!
20:16:48 From John Oakley : I did have a coffee house at Ibm 30 years ago spread over 15 countries.
20:16:58 From John Mitchell – Victoria, BC, Canada : Thank you Elean 🙂 look forward to more chats
20:17:10 From elean : I could hear you a little. Maybe the volume is low?
20:17:25 From John Oakley : This is not rocket science.
20:17:36 From suehowes : I think we could look at google work practices which are open spaces for creativity
20:17:48 From John Mitchell – Victoria, BC, Canada : John Oakley – lots of chats coming!!
20:18:08 From suehowes : Also the RSA has a lot of young people working there so the millennial ideas are accessible
20:18:30 From Adrian O : Adds nothing – surely people can bring/use their own devices – as Ian says, technology will render laptops/desktops obsolete
20:18:31 From r baker : Rita here – haven’t given it much thought as I so seldom get to London. ‘Tablets’ and such devces are so small these days taht I would have thought the main thing was to have WIFI access.
20:18:44 From John Oakley : If the RSA has to ask the question on technology then change the team involved!
20:19:10 From suehowes : I also thin everyone has a phone tablet. We only need wifi
20:19:39 From elean : The whole house has wifi. Its good but will be improved further post-development
20:21:05 From Adrian O : Oli, did you go to Westminster Hub – good example?
20:21:21 From John Oakley : Did you talk to anyone that had to handle 28,000 people!
20:21:35 From John Oakley : Facebook!!
20:21:47 From John Oakley : Nextdoor
20:21:55 From John Oakley : Signal
20:22:04 From John Oakley : Whatsapp
20:22:29 From elean : Good point but I think the RSA is quite unique in size compared to other spaces that are open all!
20:22:42 From Roslyn Scott : Many fellows use the desktops and want a proper computer. We should try to accommodate as many people as possible.
20:23:28 From Roslyn Scott : There is enough space to accommodate diverse needs
20:23:54 From John Oakley : Any Fortune 400 company
20:24:25 From Philip Finlay Bryan : http://fellowsforum.thersa.org
20:25:32 From suehowes : It would be good to have tea/coffee after a talk so fellows could stay around to discuss
20:25:39 From John Oakley : My last word is that you have a solution which you are trying to justify. Fail!
20:25:59 From Roslyn Scott : I collaborate all the time
20:26:06 From Roslyn Scott : for the record
20:26:29 From Philip Finlay Bryan : http://pjfb.org is me 🙂
20:26:45 From Roslyn Scott : https://MobiCycle.co.uk
20:27:46 From suehowes : but we could all agree to share our info
20:27:53 From r baker : Really good idea. Mea culpa, mea culpa – I am one whose profile is not up to date! (Rita)
20:28:17 From Philip Finlay Bryan : Could be a good add on to zoom
20:28:50 From Roslyn Scott : thank you for your time!
20:29:58 From Adrian O : yes, thanks all
20:30:12 From Philip Finlay Bryan : thanks Oli thanks all
20:30:49 From r baker : Thanks. Great experience.